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Hey, Lushies! Long time, no talk - where have ya’ll been? ;)

What do you think of the Easter product line up?

bahormel asked: Hey just a quick question, I currently use Lush's UltraBland as my only facial cleanser/moisturizer, but I've heard that it works really well in conjunction with the Eau Roma Water. However, I really love UltraBland because I've always had really sensitive skin and a lot of moisturizers would either leave the skin too oily, or too dry causing it to sting. Ultrabland by itself is working really well, so I'm worried that using a toner afterward would negate its moisturizing effect.

Hi :)

I have uber-sensitive, dry skin… I used the Ultrabland/Eau Roma Water combination for a long time, and added some Celestial moisturizer to top it off. I consider it to have been a very good skin routine for me.

Toning does detract from the moisturizing effects of the Ultrabland, but not completely. Toner helps balance the pH of the skin, which in turn helps to make it’s moisture/bacteria/stuff levels more balanced. I think you’d find the rose in Eau Roma Water really soothing too/good for your sensitive skin.

I always used a bit of Celestial moisturizer after toning. It adequately hydrates those really dry parts, but sinks into the skin without leaving too much of an oily residue. It’s definitely not an oil-free moisturizer, but the oils in it are good for your skin. When your skin gets oily, it’s actually telling you that it wants more moisture - and it’s overproducing sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture you’ve been giving it. Plus, I think Celestial is probably one of the best moisturizers for sensitive skin on the planet. (Close second is Steam Cream!)

I’ve swayed a way from quite  a few of my Lush skincare products*, but Eau Roma Water and Celestial remain favorites. Go get a sample to try them out if you’re afraid to dive in with full size right away!

*you can lift your jaws off the floor now!

ragnbonesympathy asked: Hello from a fellow Lushie! Just wanted to say i love your blog, it's awesome :D Lush will always have a place in my heart because it helps me overcome one of the symptoms of Schizophrenia: lack of self care. Pre-Lush i was showering when i was basically bullied into it and because i take lithium my skin was an oily, acne-ridden mess. Now i shower every other day, cleanse my face every day and my skin is soo much better! Long live Lush!

Yay! Hi! This message made me so incredibly happy. I too have struggled with mental illness. Lush did help with self-care, but it ALSO provided something that just made me really happy when not a lot of other things did. I’m happy to report that my mental illness is pretty under control - and while that’s due to a lot of other things not-Lush, Lush did really help me get through some sad nights with pretty baths and good smells.


But I’m really glad to hear that Lush has helped you so much - good for you! Viva Lush! :)

liketwelve asked: Will there be an after Christmas Lush sale this year?

Not sure! Probably… I can’t imagine they wouldn’t at this point. :)



comment on my lush haul is not creepy at all 

omg Rachel

Discontinued ‘12


Incase anyone hasn’t seen the LUSH discontinued list for the U.S., here it is:

• Big Tease Styling Gel
• Double Chocolate Lip Tint
• Glorious Mud Body Scrub
• Moon and Sun Toner Tab
• Rocketeer bath bomb
• Snake Oil Scalp Treatment Bar (moving back to Retro)
• Token to the Forest Gods Toner Tab
• Vanilla Fountain bath bomb
• Very Berry gift

If any of your favorite products are on this list, make sure to order them online ASAP. All products, except for Glorious Mud, are still available on lushusa.com, but only until stock runs out. You can also stop by your local LUSH shop to purchase, but I can’t guarantee that they will still be in stock. I know that my LUSH has already written off all of their extra supply, so they are no longer selling any of these products.

This list is a lot smaller than the UK discontinued list, which also includes A Million Kisses lip tint, Coco Lotion, Creme Anglaise lotion, Geo Phyzz bath bomb, Friends With Benefits massage bar, Happy Blooming bath melt, Lust soap, Silk Stockings body tint, and Sweet Lips lip scrub.

This is the only time I’m glad that I don’t live in the U.K. I would miss Happy Blooming too much.

Lemme know if you have any questions!

Errmygawd, Geo Phyzz is safe!


In need of a new exfoliator? My fave is Ocean Salt by Lush Cosmetics. I just grab a pinch of it and let the salt crystals do the rest of the work. And the avocado and grapefruit infusion leaves you with velvety soft skin!

I went to use my Ocean Salt the other day, only to find it basically empty - the boyfriend has started using it! Grrr. But, at the same time I’m a #superproudlushiegf


Good news, they made the Enchanter permanent! 


If I didn’t love my job enough. 

Love it, love it, love it.