My (updated!) Skincare Routine!

If you’ve been following LushiesUnite for a while, you probably know that I have dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin. Very acne prone, very dry, very sensitive. Before Lush, I tried pretty much every acne product on the market — over the counter and prescription. I struggled to find an effective product that didn’t dry me out even more — MOST (arguable, in my opinion) people with acne have oily or combination skin — and therefore, most products available cater to high sebum producing folk. I unfortunately don’t fall into this category, and since third grade (age eight) I’d been struggling to find a facial skincare regimen that worked for me. I always felt as though I was at war with my face, and by age eighteen had pretty much lost hope that I could ever win this ridiculous fight.

Enter… Lush! I found Lush randomly one day while exploring the city for gifts, and had no idea that it would house a future addiction as severe as it’s gotten, or that it would be a key player in my battle against my skin. It took a couple months for me to move into experimenting with skincare products, but once I started I never went back.

Because Lush skincare isn’t as clear cut as any sort of “three step system” that’s universal for everyone, there’s a lot of room to play around. This is both amazing and amazingly frustrating — there are so many options! It can be a bit overwhelming for a newbie, and I found it to be so at first. I’ve experimented quite a bit, and have finally found a routine that has made my skin look THE BEST it has ever looked since back before my pimple popped up in third grade. I’ve done skincare posts before, but I thought I’d do an updated one since I’m so happy with it!

A disclaimer — everyone’s skin is different! What’s working for me may not be the right regimen for you. Any sales associate at your local store can most certainly be of assistance when deciding on products, and I’m happy to help anyone with picking out skincare products via ask box or by email. Like I said, Lush skincare is extremely customizable — do yourself a favor and choose products that will be most effective — don’t necessarily go by scent or looks!


I currently have found my niche with two cleansers. Two definitely isn’t necessary for everyone — but I love these two for my skin! I’m using Ultra Bland cleanser every night (removing it with a toner… keep reading!) and using Angels on Bare Skin (AoBS) cleanser every other night in the shower. The beeswax in the Ultra Bland literally sticks to all the bacteria and junk in my pores and pulls it out. The honey and almond oil are super smoothing and leave my skin with a “soft as a baby’s bottom” feeling, and the rose water is extremely calming. I went through a purging phase with the Ultra Bland where my skin was really detoxifying itself and all the crap in my pores was being pulled out onto the surface — but before long I could really see the results. I did the “Ultra Bland challenge” for a while where I used it as my only cleanser, but eventually realized that my skin really needs some exfoliation too, which is why I re-added Angels on Bare Skin to my regimen. I cleanse with the Ultra Bland every night, and then every other night I also use a bit of AoBS. The ground almonds in AoBS act as a SOFT exfoliant on my sensitive skin, and the rose and lavender are super soothing and balancing. The kaolin clay base to this cleanser makes it very deep cleansing, which is great. Such a little amount goes a long way with both of these cleansers, and I can barely get through a tub of AoBS before it expires in three to four months!

I use the Eau Roma Water toner morning and night. I use it at night sprayed onto a cotton pad to remove my Ultra Bland cleanser, and in the morning sprayed directly onto my face and either patted dry or removed with a cotton pad as a refresher. If I use AoBS at night, I also use it after my shower. Toner is an important skincare step — it helps to balance the pH of your skin which is important for protecting your skin from bacteria and infection. If you have dry skin like me, toner helps to remove any excess flakes. It also can help to remove any dirt that your cleanser didn’t get, and remove any cleanser that rinsing didn’t get! Eau Roma Water is great for sensitive sin like mine, and has a rose water and lavender water base — both soothing ingredients. Rose is also a mild astringent, which is good for evening out skin tone, etc. I had only used two other toners in my life before Eau Roma Water. Both were from major well-known skin care companies, and both were alcohol based — which felt like a mild chemical burn on my skin and actually made my skin appear more red when I used them. Because Eau Roma Water is water based, I never experience a burning sensation and it’s soothing rather than irritating.

The two different products I use as moisturizers are AMAZING for my dry skin. My skin literally used to flake and looked so harshly dry — it was awful. I’m using Celestial moisturizer in the morning, and Full of Grace face serum at night. I’ve been using both products for a while now, and I’m still really happy with them. I started using Celestial back in late December of 2010 — so about eleven months ago. In those eleven months, I’m only on my third tub of it! A little goes such a long way. Before Celestial, I used a drugstore brand moisturizer that was geared towards acne prevention. It had a pump container, and I used about five or six pumps twice a day to moisturize my face — I’d go through a bottle of it almost every month! At $9 a bottle once a month, four months worth of moisturizer would cost me about $36 and I’d still be flaky — I go through one tub of Celestial in about that amount of time, and it’s only just under $24 PLUS I’M NOT FLAKY! Brilliant! The almond milk is so moisturizing while crazily calming, and the vanilla absolute and vanilla water help my skin to retain it’s moisture. I’m in love! I found Full of Grace face serum back in the spring or summer, and I’m in love with that too. Because it has a serum texture, it’s a bit greasy to use in the morning, but I love using it at night. It’s moisturizing enough that I almost don’t even need a moisturizer in the morning (but I do, for good measure). I had pretty immediate results with Full of Grace after starting it, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin texture and tone overall. It’s so much smoother, and a lot less red. The soothing rose oil combined with the anti-oxidizing portobello mushrooms have helped my blemishes to become smaller in size as well as less inflamed and irritated. Like I said, I use it at night as a moisturizer after my toner, but also underneath a fresh face mask!

The fresh face masks have become an important part of my skincare routine, and I do one about once or twice a week. Fresh face masks are only available in-store in most countries, and can be ordered online and shipped overnight in the UK. They don’t have have a preservative and therefore have a really short shelf life, but they really are capable of amazing things! I always use Full of Grace face serum underneath my masks to really lock in moisture as an undercoat. My favorite mask of all is the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask. The anti-oxidizing blueberries are amazing on my skin, and I find it reduces a lot of redness. I’ve recently started to love the Cupcake face mask too. It’s made for people with really oily skin and blemishes. I obviously don’t have oily skin, but using the Full of Grace serum underneath it eliminates the drying factor — and I still get all the blemish healing benefits! In the wintertime I often use the Oatifix face mask as well — the bananas and oats are SO moisturizing and will whip any flaky skin right back into shape! **Fun fact! If you wash out any empty black pots that your Lush products come in and keep them until you have five, bring them to your local store! They’ll swap you the five pots for a free fresh face mask! Lush recycles the black pots and makes them into new ones — so you’re saving the environment while treating your skin!**


There you have it! My current skincare routine! As my skin is always changing with the seasons, my regimen changes too — but this one is working for me right now and I’m SO pumped about it! Look at how much my skin has changed!

Skin 9 months ago:

Skin now!!:

Like I said before, I’m happy to help anyone find their skincare routine in the ask box or by email. I know first hand how hard it can be to be in a battle with your skin — it absolutely affects your confidence and just plain doesn’t feel good. Lush skincare has helped me so much, and I’m happy to help you figure out how it can help you too!

If you already have a Lush-tastic skin care routine for yourself, what do you all use?

  1. streeetbear answered: I have such a similar story! I LOVE lush skincare. I use angels, doing the ultrabland challende now, eau roma, skins shangri la! In Love!
  2. hellokristenx answered: I currently use Fresh Farmacy and Dark Angels (at night) but I’m going to switch to Coalface. I follow with Eau Roma Water and Enzymion. :3
  3. sparklesandscars answered: It’s so lovely to see what Lush can do! Right now I’m using Buche De Noel, Tea Tree Water, and a mix of Gorgeous and Skin Drink!
  4. skeletonkeys answered: Aqua Marina, Eau Roma, Oatifix 2x weekly, Skin Drink!
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