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I started using Jungle again a few months ago, and now I literally can’t bring myself to switch back to American Cream. IT’S SO GOOD.


I think my hair is falling in love with Lush. I cannot stop sniffing my hair that is soft and shiny thanks to these!

Those two smell amazing together! 

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Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo, American Cream conditioner

*two of my hair care favorites!*


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Favorite hair care combinations!

I haven’t done a favorite post recently, so I wanted to do one about hair care! Hair care is really important. Having great looking hair can make or break a cute outfit, and can set the tone of the day (at least for me it can)! If my hair is a little greasy, a little flaky, or really flat it annoys me throughout the day. A shampoo that is really cleansing and a great moisturizing conditioner are staples in my everyday hygiene routine! In comes Lush!

Now, I’ll admit — I am totally a haircare junkie (almost as much as I am a shower gel junkie- as you know if you’ve been following this blog for a while). I currently have five different shampoos and three different conditioners from Lush in my shower. I love using them all on different days — and for different reasons!

These combinations might not be great on everyone. I have pretty thick, full, somewhat dull and fluffy hair with a sometimes flaky scalp (but it’s usually pretty normal). Let me know what your favorite combinations are for your hair!

  1. Rehab shampoo with Retread conditioner. Rehab is a great shampoo for dull, processed hair that needs some reviving. My hair isn’t too processed, but Rehab does a great job of cleansing my hair well while adding lots of shine and life to it. The fruit juices in it are really enzymically cleansing, and the olive oil adds strength. I love this shampoo! It’s on the pricier side, but it’s totally worth it! Retread is a great conditioner. It has tons of cantaloupe in it which can’t be dehydrated, so it continues to moisturize your hair through the day. A great conditioner, and it smells great combined with Rehab!
  2. Big shampoo and American Cream conditioner. I love Big — it’s a pretty recent addition to my haircare routine, and I’m happy to have it around! The sea salt really does increase volume, and the tooth wracked seaweed is great for adding strength while lime juice adds a lot of shine! American Cream has a yummy vanilla scent with a few strawberries that are really cleansing and add lots of Vitamin C to the hair. The vanilla helps moisturize the hair. American Cream is a double strength conditioner, so it’s great for people like me whose hair gets tangle-y pretty easily. It’ll loosen and moisturize your hair really well
  3. Squeaky Green solid shampoo combined with Jungle conditioner. I think the scents of these two were made for each other. I LOVE the scent of Jungle on its own, and Squeaky Green adds some nice rosemary to the mix. The rosemary in Squeaky Green is great for my sometimes flaky scalp, and Jungle is so conditioning… I find even moreso than American Cream sometimes! Plus the smell is absolutely divine to me. I want more products that smell like Jungle!!
  4. Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo + American Cream + a little bit of It’s Raining Men shower gel. This is a new combination as of this week… in fact a Lushie on tumblr suggested it to me! The beer in Cynthia Sylvia Stout tames my somewhat fluffy and frizzy hair by weighing it down a bit, while adding a lot of shine. American Cream is the perfect scent to go along with the stout smelling Cynthia, plus I love American Cream! I’ve been doing that combination for months, but top that off with a tiny bit of It’s Raining Men and you’ve got DELICIOUS smelling hair that (I’m warning you) YOU WILL WANT TO EAT. It’s amazing.

(Forgot to include It’s Raining Men in the picture… dummy. But I’m too lazy to go retake it. Oh well.)

Those are my favorite haircare combinations for shampoo and conditioner! I definitely use a couple of other products like R&B and H’Suan Wen Hua, but I figured this would be more of a shower post. Have a lovely night/morning/afternoon (whenever you’re reading this) Lushies!!

5 great products from Lush for the vain traveller


  1. The shampoo bars - all natural, works great, plenty to choose from and long lasting.
    Karma Komba shampoo bar
  2. Jungle balm - a solid conditioner, you never skip conditioner!
    Jungle Balm
  3. Tiny hands - I hate dry, cracked hands, this solid moisturizer is heaven sent.
    Tiny Hands
  4. Ultrabalm - Can be used for everything!
  5. Toothy tabs - I admit it, way overpriced and maybe not as good as the old tube,
    but it’s solid come on! You cant beat solid toothpaste!
    Dirty, toothy tabs


Looking for new products for a healthier hair care routine?

The above products are by a company called Lush: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Jungle Solid Conditioner
Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar
Shampoo Bar Tin

I have recently found an interest in more organic and vegan items and from research I have found Lush to be a perfect place to start :)
I plan on using these products and doing a review to share my experience.

Peace and Love

Just took an amazing shower with a couple new/slightly new products…

It was so great! I DID have a sample of Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo, so I used that along with my slightly new addition to my hair routine, American Cream conditioner. Can I just say, THE BEST EVER. I need a bottle of this shampoo in my hands right now. When I rinsed it out, it almost felt like I didn’t need conditioner. I used some anyway,  but it was so great. I really like the way the two combined smell in my hair. I’m definitely picking up a bottle of Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo next time I’m at Lush — I’ve only ever tried solid shampoos anyway! :)

I then used a sample of Angels on Bare Skin cleanser that I got a couple nights ago at my visit to Lush Rockingham. I had always steered away from this cleanser, partly because I liked Aquamarina (and now Ocean Salt as well) a lot and I had actually heard this cleanser can be pretty messy. I REALLY liked using AoBS, and my skin felt really soft afterwards. It supposedly is the best selling cleanser of them all, and I think the lavender and rose oils are going to be a good match for my skin.

I also used Dirty shaving cream, which is the third time I’ve used it (pretty new product). I just have the smaller pot that came inside the Get Dirty gift set, but it’s lasting me a fair amount of time. Granted, I probably don’t use as much of it as I could/should, but I find that I don’t need to do much more than coat my legs similarly to how I would with lotion in order to get a good shave — and that doesn’t take much product at all. I have probably used 1/2 of the pot, which is pretty good for a small pot in my opinion. I can definitely get at least three more uses out of it. My skin is smooth, and I’m really liking this shaving cream. It will most likely be a repurchase full-size.

I finished off with some Lily Savon soap (slightly new product for me). I’ve been really into shower gels lately (Slammer, Dirty, even Grass, etc.) so I feel like I haven’t been giving soap enough attention. My goal of the summer is to try three more new soaps, and continue to use my other soaps more. I’m interested in Sea Vegetable, Sultana of Soap, and A Ring of Roses soaps. Good, goal, no?

Out of the shower I used the sample of Cosmetic Lad moisturizer that Victoria at Lush Rockingham gave me when she gave me the AoBS sample. She told me to use them together, so I am. I didn’t use the Full of Grace since my face is looking so good and I really want to see how the Cosmetic Lad and AoBS work together. If I like them, I might switch permanently! I’m excited to see how my skin looks tomorrow!

Do any of you like any of these products in particular? Let me know your thoughts!