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Anyone ordering perfume from the UK Forum Party tomorrow?

I’m going to get some more Rose Jam, I think. Trying to decide whether or not I need 2 bottles! Mine from last year is almost gone…

Also, the boyfriend has been loving Dear John so I’ll probably order him a 30ml as a Christmas present. AND I need to get a couple Retro things for a friend who’s been craving a Once a Year ;)

Whatcha gonna get?

Just bought Superbalm yesterday… anyone had good luck with it yet?

I’m anxious to try it! My scalp has been a dry mess of eczema lately, and since I dyed my hair I’ve been using color protectant shampoos rather than my normal soothing ones.

You know what I miss this year? Holiday lip tints.

Rose Jam and Comforter both got high votes in the IF Party Fragrance Voting Thread!! Woooooo!

Can we talk for a second about how anxious I am that Geo Phyzz might actually get discontinued in NA?

2012 LE Holiday Product Wishlist!

Long time no chat, Lushies! I missed you! I thought I’d share some of the products that are itching at my wallet - I’m really anxious for them to launch in-store in the US so that I can get my paws on some! I might get over excited and make a UK order… but am really trying to hold out!! :)

The holiday line up this year is pretty fantastic - hats off, once again, to the Mafia/product creators/everyone involved at Lush. So good!

Without further ado, I NEED:

  • Ponche shower gel. GET IN TO MY LIFE YOU CITRUSY, BOOZY LITTLE THANG. Now! A Lushie online friend said that it’s on Slammer Love Level - which means I’ll go crazy over it, I’m sure! GET IN MY SHOWER, RIGHT NOW.
  • Christmas Eve bubble bar. A returning favorite, I’ve been missing this little guy! I like they way they look this year too - the moon is cool! I like it better than when it was inside the blue last year.
  • Let the Good Times Roll cleanser. This looks so interesting to me! I’ll admit, in the past few months I’ve cheated on Lush with some other products for my skin that I’ve been liking pretty well. I still use some Lush, but I’ve stopped using Lush cleansers -  mostly because I haven’t found one to work well with my Clairsonic. This scrubby little bugger has sparked my interest though… I’ll definitely be trying this one!
  • Melting Snowman bath melt. Okay, I realize that not many of you got to try this last year with the original intended EC, but it was SO good! They reformulated the EC to be the Snowcake fragrance so that they could get them out on the shelves, and it was still really good… who doesn’t love marzipain? This year, it’s more spicy and warming with cinnamon and clove - two of my favorites for spicier products! I’m still excited for the little man, even though the description says he’ll melt faster in the bath - what the heck?! That was the best part (long lasting) last year!!
  • Snow Globe soap. I STILL HAVE A SMALL PIECE OF THIS HOARDED FROM LAST YEAR. Time to use it up, and let a fresh piece take over again. Yummy citrus-ness. SUCH an all time favorite.
  • Crackersnap bath bomb. Lemongrass, bergamot, and rosewood. I think the Lush gods created these new products for me. I can’t wait to sniff this!
  • TWILIGHT SHOWER GEL. I just have no words. Well, I do. I go this LE a few years ago… I went through THREE bottles. No words.

Other intriguing products? Sandy Santa scrub, Popcorn lip scrub, Santa’s Sack of bath products, Party Popper bath bomb, and Father Christmas bath bomb. Also, another return for Cinders and a bigger So White bath bomb! Hurrah for Christmas/Holidays!!

*ALSO* Yay for The Boog bath bomb being Retro online!!! Totally making an order at some point for those!!! <3 <3

EEEK!! Christmas is here!

LUSH Halloween LE products:

What’d you all get at the UK party the other day? I got…

  • Red FUN - I’m interested! I only got the red, but I kind of regret not getting more now. It’s a really cool concept - I can’t wait until it all comes to NA!
  • Fair Trade Honey shampoo - yum.
  • Happy Happy Joy Joy - more yum.
  • Sea Spray - volume/texture yum.
  • Caca Rouge - yucky, but red hair yum.

Also, since they weren’t selling SteamCream at the party, I made a separate order for that too. Huzzah!

What did you guys get? If you didn’t order, what would you have gotten? :)

Lush News: FUN online launch party, PLUS Holiday Product/Gift Spoilers!!

(and no, not back full-time, but miss you my Tumblr Lushies and wanted to share this with those of you who are interested!)

  1. There’s going to be a FUN release party through Lush UK online! It’s going to be on September 19th - this Wednesday. It’ll also include retro/Xmas products! Yay! Facebook event:
  2. Holiday. Product. Spoilers. eeeeeeek. Not everyone wants to know though, so I’ve put the pictures under a “read more.”

Pictures taken from: (Dutch beauty blog sent to me by a friend online!)

Pictures/descriptions (in Dutch, haha) after the jump:

Read More

This is a weird post to be writing,

but I’ve decided to take a short break from LushiesUnite for the time being. I’m not deleting it, and I can’t imagine that it will be long before I miss it and start again.

It’s even weirder to say, but that passion for Lush that I had when I started this blog seems to has (for the moment, I think) gone from *obsessive* to being put on the side burner. When this started, the blog was my way to talk about Lush without making my friends and family want to put earplugs in. Lately - as I’m sure many of you noticed - I’ve had less to say… lots of reblogs, less original content. I apologize for that.

I don’t want to force it. I’m still interested in Lush, and I’m definitely still a Lushie. I still am pretty Lush *exclusive* in terms of product - I just don’t have that excitement about new products and LE products that I did at first. I’m pretty sure that excitement will reignite - I just think it’s right to take a break until this rut ends, rather than give you a sub-par blogging experience.

This blog has become more successful than I could have ever dreamed of, and you all are to thank for that. I’ve been lucky enough to make really amazing connections with a lot of you through asks, email, replies, etc. I love you Tumblr Lushies so much - and if you want, follow me on my personal blog to keep tabs on me and harrass me if it’s been too long and want me to come back. ;)

I appreciate all your understanding and patience. I hope you guys will keep reading/interacting when I come back. When I do, it’ll be better than ever - I promise.



P.S. If you want more regular Lush updates/blog posts (as I’m sure you do if you’re following this blog) check out this blog - love-lush - her name’s Jaydon and a pretty consistent/quality blogger plus adorable. A lot of Lush blogs fall into the abyss of deleting/abandonment, but she’s been blogging for a while. I’m impressed.

P.P.S. Have a cocktail bath with the Comforter and Geo Phyzz if you miss me - it’ll be like I was there the whole time… and you’ll thank me later! ;)

So tempted by Freedom Foamers/Christmas in July currently available in LUSH AU…

…super jealous of the Aussie Lushies right now! I’ll just go cry over here.