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I’m SO craving a Retro order!

The only problem* is that I want products available on Retro in both NA and the UK, which is only a problem because they aren’t available in both countries, meaning I’d have to make 2 orders.

Retro I want from NA:

  • Freeze shower gel (500ml) — my boyfriend, Tim, has been BEGGING me to order more of this. It’s the only shower gel he uses (as shampoo, FACEWASH**, and to wash his body), and he’s basically refused to “settle” for Dirty Springwash shower gel. He has about a weeks worth of Freeze left, so he’s definitely gonna have to buck up and use Dirty for at least a little while!
  • Lush Lime Smoothie shower smoothie — I’ve never even smelt this before, but I love lime, strawberry, and shower smoothies in general! It’s been on my list for a while, and it’s time to take the plunge!
  • Ice Blue Shampoo liquid shampoo (probably 500ml) — Since Tim loves Freeze so much, I know he’ll like the scent of this too. Since the lover of all things hair care in me literally cringes when I watch him use only Freeze in his hair day after day, this is necessary. I had ordered him the Dr. Peppermint solid shampoo before, but he prefers a liquid. I remember hearing from a Lushie friend on Facebook that IBS is good for controlling a flaky scalp too, which is good for him. Necessary, I tell you! :P
  • (if it comes back in stock) Back for Breakfast shower gel (500ml… only size listed!) — you guys know me… a shower gel junkie that honestly probably needs “Shower Gel-ics Anonymous” meetings. I’ve never tried this one, and the citrus description had me at hello! I hope this isn’t discontinued and that it’ll come back in stock…
  • Shnuggle body butter — I’ve heard nothing short of amazing raves of this product from friends, and the website description reads, “Shunggle is like Dream Cream [lotion] in solid form!” convinced me to add it to the cart before reading any further! Gotta!
Retro I want from the UK:
  • Whitewash shower smoothie — a citrus-scented shower smoothie filled with tons of aloe vera. Need I say more? Nope. Done.
  • Party On shower jelly — the curious Lushie in me wants this a lot… I want to sniff it so badly! The rosemary and mint combined with the lime oil intrigues me! I really only use shower jellies in the summer (frozen! no better cooling-off treat!), so I don’t think I’d get enough use out of this to make it worth keeping. I have a friend in mind to gift it to — but only after I smell it! ;)
  • Uluru bath bomb, Hot Milk bubble bar, and Hot Java bath bomb — these are absolutely wants, and I probably won’t purchase them even if I make a UK Retro order. I have too many bath products already, and I don’t need these — but my curious Lushie nose is behind the wanting!
  • Glitterbug massage bar — for my sister! Ya’ll know I’m not a fan of glitter very often, but my sixteen year old sister is! I have a friend who’s birthday is in a couple months that misses Glitterbug a LOT, so I’d probably grab one for her too. :)

In the end, I’ll probably make an order from NA sometime in April. I heard that Lush NA hinted that there would be a chat party sometime in April, so I’m going to try to wait until then so I don’t double up on shipping costs just in case I want chat party products too! Yes, I know I have a problem. Don’t we all? ;)

*I know, #firstworldproblems to the max. Serious #lushieproblem.

**I can’t even tell you how many mini disagreements stem from him not having a proper skincare routine. Major #lushiewithaboyfriendproblem.

Yum. Put that in a tin or something though! Don’t want it to melt!

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Lush News: Valentine’s Day 2012 Products!

…the Limited Edition Valentine’s Day products are available online in the UK! We should be hearing very soon about the release dates for North America. Patience, grasshoppers!

They look pretty fantastic:

Leap Frog bath bomb — you may remember this fella’ as Frog Prince from last year… he’s back, but with a new name to celebrate the 2012 Leap Year! The cool thing about this one is that the big red lips are actually bath melt, so he’ll fizz away but also be a bit moisturizing!

Love Potion massage bar — this is the product I personally am most excited about! Anyone that has sniffed and adored Love perfume (exclusive online) like I have, you’ll freak out about this one… a Love scented massage bar! If you’re unfamiliar with the scent, it’s similar to the Fizzbanger bath bomb. The little bottle mold is so cute too. I’m dying to get this!

Magic Mushroom bubble bar — another returning product this year! I was a huge fan of this last year, and I’m glad it’s returned. The bottom smells like the Vanillary scent, and the top smells like strawberries! So freaking cute!

Sweetheart soap — I’ll admit, I was more than a little saddened when I found out that my beloved Love Birds soap from last year wasn’t returning in the lineup. However, this one sounds pretty promising! A jasmine, mandarin, and vanilla scent… I’m anxious to sniff this one! It’s really pretty, and it looks like it’ll be a fairly creamy soap.

A Million Kisses lip tint — after the huge success of the holiday lip tints, I’m not surprised they’ve brought this one out now too! It’s said to be more of a ruby red color than It Started With a Kiss lip tint, and even better… it’s moisturizing too! I’m imagining this to be of similar consistency to the Snow Fairy lip tint, which I’m a huge fan of. I’m excited about this one and can’t wait to see what it looks like on my lips!

Chou Chou I Love You toothy tabs — these LE toothy tabs are rose flavored! Perfect for V-day! You all know that rose is my favorite ingredient to use on my skin, and I’ll be interested to see if it becomes a favorite for the mouth too.

25:43 Gorilla perfume — I am SO excited about this! This “fresh and citrusy with floral kisses” scented perfume was originally made for Simon’s now wife for their wedding day! It’s named after the amount of time it took Mark Constantine to make it. The scent description sounds amazing, and I’m fairly sure (and hoping) that it will smell as amazing as it sounds on me! As far as I know, only the sampler size, 10ml, and 30ml bottles are being released… no solid!

That’s all of the individual products! There are also three LE wrapped gifts featuring V-Day themed products with adorable wrapping. There’s also a cute little Love Bug knot-wrap available too… similar to the Penguin/Pudding from this holiday in that it fits one small product like a bath bomb.

So what do you you all think? Loving the products?

I love both of these!!

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How I Store My Lush Products!

Hi lovelies! I thought it might be helpful to see how I store my Lush products! Storing soap or bath products effectively can help to elongate their lives, so if you’re a hoarder like me, it’s important to do so! I keep most of my products that I don’t use on a daily basis on two shelves of my book shelf in my living room so I can look at it all day long! :)


You all know how much of a shower gel junkie I am! A little known fact — I love soap almost as much!

To store my soaps, once they’re out of the wax or plastic paper I put them into Ziploc/Dollar Store Tupperware containers. If possible, I rip off the label from the paper and tape it on top of the container as well, so that if I’m in the shower and am wanting a certain piece of soap I can yell to Tim, “grap me a piece of Porridge!” and he can find it! When putting a new soap into a container, I’ll often cut it up into smaller pieces so that I can easily grab a smaller piece of a soap when I’m in a hurry without having to grab a cutting board and knife before I can use it.

So, as you can tell, I use a variety of shapes/sizes/types of tupperware to store my soap. I find tupperware is better than just plastic bags because it effortlessly keeps the soap nice and fresh, and I can totally wash them out and put a new kind of soap in without the mixing of scents that reusing a plastic bag would encounter.


If I don’t use a bath product right away*, I try as hard as I can to quickly wrap it up in saran wrap or in a plastic baggie. I find that the yellow bags absorb the moisture in the product and it dries out quickly, as well as rubbing off the color and scent.

I could probably organize this a bit more nicely. If I had more space in my apartment, I would get a set of plastic drawers and divide them up by bath bomb/bubble bar/etc. Alas, I do not have much space, and therefore squeeze them into this airtight container that I found at HomeGoods and an Easter basket I got on sale at the drugstore :) My Humango bath bombs were too big to fit in either, so I’ve just piled them around.

*Please note, I am walking a fine line between having a Lush obsession and hoarding. Lush products are made in small batches to ensure the most amount of freshness possible when using a product, and keeping products for a while like I do before using them isn’t ideal.


Naked products (think soap, shampoo bars, scrubs, etc) for the shower are always best when kept in a soap dish that drains really well and is kept out of the shower stream. It took me a while to figure out as a new Lushie that soap doesn’t like to be kept in the shower stream or wet all the time, and doing so will enable your product to melt/dissolve/liquify to the point where it’s difficult to use — if you even can. To help lengthen the life of your products, keep them in a soap dish that DRAINS (has holes in it so that water can escape from sitting in the dish) so that your products can dry thoroughly. It also helps to keep said soap dish on the side of the shower where the water stream will not hit it so that they aren’t submerged in hot water for twenty minutes a day (assuming you take once a day twenty minute showers) which will in turn melt your products extremely quickly. This is my soap dish:

I hope this was helpful for you Lushies! Have any great storage ideas that haven’t struck me yet? Let me know in a reply, in the ask box, or by email! I’d love to get some tips from you guys! :)

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Hi loves!

Today’s been such a lazy day for me… my bath last night really relaxed me for a good night’s sleep!

So many of you responded that you also like to set your laptop up on the toilet and watch movies/tv while you bathe (after seeing the pictures of my cocktail) as well as enjoy a glass of wine! :) I don’t very often read in the bath because I read on my Nook and I’m afraid of it falling into the water! What else do you guys do while taking a bath?

This blog started out as a place for me to talk about Lush to people who wouldn’t judge me (unlike family and friends, haha) or complain that I’m “too obsessed,” etc. So this post is going to be one of those types of posts!



And Halloween products will just have finished, so we’ll still be basking in the glory of those!

Can you imagine the products Lush will have come up with?

IT’S SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told my boyfriend this the other day, and he was like, “you still have almost a whole semester before that!” Pish posh! I still can’t wait!

I can see you all enjoyed those Lush porn posts earlier today!

Let’s talk!

What products have you used today?!

5 great products from Lush for the vain traveller


  1. The shampoo bars - all natural, works great, plenty to choose from and long lasting.
    Karma Komba shampoo bar
  2. Jungle balm - a solid conditioner, you never skip conditioner!
    Jungle Balm
  3. Tiny hands - I hate dry, cracked hands, this solid moisturizer is heaven sent.
    Tiny Hands
  4. Ultrabalm - Can be used for everything!
  5. Toothy tabs - I admit it, way overpriced and maybe not as good as the old tube,
    but it’s solid come on! You cant beat solid toothpaste!
    Dirty, toothy tabs


My current Lush products~

I like this picture a lot!