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Bought this the other day to save the pennies rather than buying my usual Lush liquid shampoo and absolutely adore it!  Smells incredible, has given my dried out and windswept hair a lovely feel and shine and now the shower in halls smells of jasmine!

I wish I could use this one. My hair just doesn’t get dry enough — I tried it once and my hair felt over-moisturized… almost greasy. People with dry hair love this one though, and it smells AMAZING. Fans of the Flying Fox/Lust/Joy of Jelly scent families will love this one!

5 great products from Lush for the vain traveller


  1. The shampoo bars - all natural, works great, plenty to choose from and long lasting.
    Karma Komba shampoo bar
  2. Jungle balm - a solid conditioner, you never skip conditioner!
    Jungle Balm
  3. Tiny hands - I hate dry, cracked hands, this solid moisturizer is heaven sent.
    Tiny Hands
  4. Ultrabalm - Can be used for everything!
  5. Toothy tabs - I admit it, way overpriced and maybe not as good as the old tube,
    but it’s solid come on! You cant beat solid toothpaste!
    Dirty, toothy tabs