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Just whoring my Internet BFF (aka now a beauty vlogger on Youtube) Jess! Except not whoring because I was literally laughing the whole time I watched this OR being like WHY ARE YOU IN MY THOUGHTS RIGHT NOW. Go and watch it. Now!

I know a lot of you guys are into beauty/make-up in general, and this chick is awesome! I’m a fan of her in general (we’re internet/IRL friends) but now I’m even more of a fan. Check it out!

Lushies-who-are-not-beauty-in-general-addicts ignore this. :)

So, I know that not ALL of you share my love for makeup like you do with Lush. BUT — one of my favorite beauty gurus, Ingrid (missglamorazzi), did a ‘What’s in my Shower’ video recently and a TON of her products are Lush! It’s fun to think that she’s a Lushie like me (and you!) too!