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Welcome to the family #lush #lushcosmetics #conditioner (Taken with Instagram)

I started using Jungle again a few months ago, and now I literally can’t bring myself to switch back to American Cream. IT’S SO GOOD.


Until yesterday, I wondered why there was so much hype about people buying LUSH bath bombs. Only now do I understand. Mmmmmmmm…

I love the new bags…

Giveaway Contest Reminders and Such!

Did you have a nice Monday Lushies? I did! I live in my own apartment, and I finally upgraded my TV and got a Blu-Ray player… yay! The HUGE 15 year-old TV my cousin had given me that made fuzzy noises and didn’t have a remote wasn’t doing it for me, and playing DVDs on my XBox 360 got old. I’m so ecstatic!

A couple reminders about the contest:

  • When the name is chosen, the picked person MUST be following this tumblr. MUST. If you aren’t, another name will be picked as the winner of the Lush box giveaway.
  • Likes WILL NOT be included as entries! The post must be reblogged.
  • You can enter once everyday until Monday, March 18th at 12pm (noon) EST. To enter again, simply re-reblog the original post, for a total of 7 entries if you started today (Monday, March 11th)

Sleep tight Lushies! Maybe a Twilight bath bomb or Dreamtime bath melt will help you nod off? Eh? Eh? :)