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it was our fifth birthday party today so i managed to snag one of these before they all sold out! so tingly.

My store had Freeze today for our 6th birthday party! My boyfriend LOVES Freeze — he’s been rationing his bottle for the last month or so to last until our party. He’s so thrilled to have a full bottle again! :)


Don’t you just love dusting powders?

;) Shhhh.

Oooooooh geez. This is overly exciting.

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A Ring of Roses, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, Rose Jam and Rose Queen intermixed with a whole bunch of candles, a fantastic mellow playlist and chinese food en route = heaven on earth.

Holy. Mackeral. The new rose goodies need to get to NA now! :D

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I won!


“As regards the specials we were talking about, we have made up some lovely tins full of goodies to give away. Now, we don’t quite have enough to go round everyone, but we’ve come up with a nifty system to make sure plenty of people get them, while injecting an element of suspense in the proceedings. If you hear a “jungle sound” while your order is being taken then you will be the lucky recipient of one of our Gorilla Act of Kindness tins!”

The above was posted on the official perfume party thread yesterday. When I called, I genuinely didn’t expect to win. ‘Sept, I did! The Jungle Noise played.. but it was kind of staticy.. so I’m thinking, okay the CALL IS ABOUT TO DROP AND IT’S ONLY TAKEN ME A WEEK TO GET THROUGH. Then the guy was all, “YOU’VE WON!” and I squealed like a girl. Pretty standard for a guy with a Snow Fairy Christmas themed Tumblr layout, IMO.

I ordered a bottle of Rose Jam, Twilight and 100g of I Should Coco soap. Just in case anyone out there is wondering.


You’re so silly. I’m placing my order tomorrow — Rose Jam, Twilight, Avowash, and Happy 4 SAD shower gel! :)

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On the 6th November, I’ll be traveling down to Poole to sit down with some guys at Lush to discuss a potential new project.


I plan on tweeting (with pictures) a lot.

So if you aren’t already following me on Twitter and want to be kept up to date on how it goes, you’d be wise to do so now.

I’m so excited for you! All of my followers should be too! ;)

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A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Jess! If there’s ever a person that should - nay, deserves - to work for Lush, it’d be her fantastical little self.

Come on girly. You can do it. You got this bizznizz down!

Wishing Jess so much good luck! Love you girlie!

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Thought I’d share this with you guys. (The awesome) Becca gave me a shout out in her newest entry RE: my ‘fool-proof’ skincare routine.

“My skin does look better. I can tell a difference even in the last few days, and this was the worst time of the month for my complexion– so I’m sure in a week or two, it’ll be significant.”


So cool!

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UK Retro Discon List





Temple of Truth Bubble Bar


I am so angry.

Today I stocked up on Helping Hands, Sugar Babe and Too Drunk. Gotta get em while ya can!

I have a weird affliction with purchasing stuff from the website, though. I don’t know what it is. Spending the money without immediately having it in my hands, I think.

I still haven’t tried most of this Retro list! I hope it won’t be this long in NA

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Picked up a sample of ‘Fresh Pharmacy’. Started using it tonight.


Skin feels slightly odd. Nice, but odd. A mix between cleansed and overly clean.

Not sure on this ‘un. May wait a couple more days before passing judgement. Can’t fault it on the smell, though. Then again, can I ever with these products? ;-) (Answer: yes. LOOKING AT YOU HERE.)

Still loving Ultrabland though.

I’m so glad you’re loving Ultra Bland!

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Work stuff. #dreamcream #lush #roses #flowers #tryme (Taken with instagram)

This is beautiful.

Perhaps one of the things I’m looking forward to most, is making displays / getting creative to promote products on quieter days. I’d be so much fun.

I created this display at work the other night! I’m loving the Dream Cream campaign, especially since I love the product SO much!

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jk its just this fucking amazing smelling soap i bought at lush today

omg it smells so good, i want to sniff it forverrrr

This picture is fantastic.

Look at the color of that Ocean Salt! Mmmmm…

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