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Bought this the other day to save the pennies rather than buying my usual Lush liquid shampoo and absolutely adore it!  Smells incredible, has given my dried out and windswept hair a lovely feel and shine and now the shower in halls smells of jasmine!

I wish I could use this one. My hair just doesn’t get dry enough — I tried it once and my hair felt over-moisturized… almost greasy. People with dry hair love this one though, and it smells AMAZING. Fans of the Flying Fox/Lust/Joy of Jelly scent families will love this one!

New Toothy Tab flavors now available in NA!!

Starting today, you can find the entire Toothy Tab range in-stores and online in North America!

You can find out more about each flavor, why Toothy Tabs are so great, and instructions for use here!

Lush also has a contest going on, where you guess how many Toothy Tabs are in a jar pictured — the winner wins a years supply of Toothy Tabs, so jump on that! That contest is here.

Who’s interested and who’s not?

That last reblog was the 200th post on this blog…

…not bad for just starting it just a month ago! Also, just a week ago this blog was *almost* at 200 followers, and now it’s close to 300! It’s really fun to connect with all of you tumblr Lushies — there are quite a few on the Facebook page(s) but I’ve had a lot of fun making friends with you all! It’s fun to see familiar names on reblogs and likes, and in the ask too. If this blog gets even more people reading it, we could probably even do some sort of a meet-up. I know there are a few of you in the Boston area, but I’m also planning on heading to NYC for a couple days this summer too, so maybe if you any of you are interested in meeting up at a Lush for a while and then getting coffee/shopping (LOVE NYC shopping!) we could do that too. Even if it was just one or even two people, I’d really like to put faces to urls! Anyone interested?

I just got back from the post office a little while ago, and they closed at 5:30 — I got there at 5:32. It was stupid, haha. I was going to mail the giveaway prizes, but alas, was not able to. I’m going back tomorrow, probably in the late morning. :)


Lush UK has released the new LE Beach Ball Knot-Wrap Bag and it can be yours for just €4.95. It’s the largest knot-wrap ever, measuring at 100cm x 100cm (about 3 1/4 feet for those of you who are terrible at the metric system like me)! I personally think it’s really cute, and I definitely want to order one. I haven’t heard any news of this being released in NA, but it might. I know we’re getting the Little Green Bag at some point, and Dirty at the end of May, so maybe it will come around that time? I’m going to investigate a little further the next time I go to a store, and I’ll let you know if I hear anything! For those who can’t wait, you can find the knot-wrap here:

The last little piece of news is from Lush NA. For those who don’t know, Lush is based in Canada. Recently, Lush was named 1 of the “30 Greenest Employers in Canada of 2011” by Macleans Magazine! Cool! I actually enjoyed reading the list of what the companies are doing to be green — it’s really important this day in age. You can find the full list here:

Alright Lushies, Tim is coming soon and I need to get dressed and I want to work on my take-home final for my Child Growth and Development class for a few minutes before he comes. Have a lovely weekend! I’m spending time with Tim and probably helping my sister get ready for her cotillion tomorrow, and then going to the mall (LUSHLUSHLUSHLUSH) on Sunday with my friend Jane. :)

OH, P.S. I got a couple messages in my ask about how my hives were — it’s nice that you guys care! Haha. I responded to those people in their asks as to not blow up the dashes of my followers, but THEY ARE BETTER. TODAY. I went to an allergist yesterday, and he was like, “Why didn’t you come 2 weeks ago?” and I was like “THANK YOU. I’ve been so miserable.” And I really have been. It’s been four weeks and two days since they started, and they’ve been daily until TODAY. Thank goodness. He gave me a new treatment plan in terms of medicine, and I’m going back in 2 weeks for a follow up/possible allergy test. He also said that all the money I’ve spent on Hydrocortizone cream is stupid, because it doesn’t work, and that my doctor shouldn’tve told my mom that I should just take Benedryl, and that the amount I was taking isn’t good. He said that the fact that my hives weren’t working with just Zyrtec or Allegra D might mean that they’re chronic, which wouldn’t be good. Hopefully there’s a cause and they won’t be a problem anymore! :)