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Just whoring my Internet BFF (aka now a beauty vlogger on Youtube) Jess! Except not whoring because I was literally laughing the whole time I watched this OR being like WHY ARE YOU IN MY THOUGHTS RIGHT NOW. Go and watch it. Now!

I know a lot of you guys are into beauty/make-up in general, and this chick is awesome! I’m a fan of her in general (we’re internet/IRL friends) but now I’m even more of a fan. Check it out!

Lushies-who-are-not-beauty-in-general-addicts ignore this. :)

Lush Buying Presents: Italian Citrus Groves Buying Trip

Love this! It’s really cool to see where different ingredients are sourced from… the Lush Buying videos are my favorites!


How it’s made:Shimmy Shimmy massage bar.

The lustrous gold liquid! The beautiful glitter pillowing through the air!

The video is awesome, but mostly reblogging for the Esther gif… omg.

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So, I know that not ALL of you share my love for makeup like you do with Lush. BUT — one of my favorite beauty gurus, Ingrid (missglamorazzi), did a ‘What’s in my Shower’ video recently and a TON of her products are Lush! It’s fun to think that she’s a Lushie like me (and you!) too!


huge ass lush haul

I love this video. I’m so glad you liked everything Rachel!


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RACHEL I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU. Except your boyfriend and my boyfriend would probably be pretty jealous, so, I guess not.

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product review: LUSH’S BIG SHAMPOO

I’m in love with Rachel. I haven’t tried Big shampoo yet, but I definitely want to at some point. I’m loving Rehab shampoo and Retread conditioner right now, and I LOVE Jumping Juniper solid shampoo! It smells delicious and my hair looks fantastic today.

Going to do another video today, I think!

This one is going to be a “what’s in my shower” type of video. Everything is Lush products… my boyfriend wants to kill me — you Lushies should love it!

So, yeah! I’m excited! I got some good feedback from the last one. I think this will be a bit better and definitely less ramble-y. :)

Introduction about me/Why I love the “Freedom to Marry” campaign/Freedom Foamer (Part 2)!

My facial expressions/posture isn’t great — I’ll figure it out for next time though! :)

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I made a video.

About the Freedom to Marry campaign and why it’s so important to me. It’s kind of ramble-y and I didn’t have my thoughts well organized. Also my face is weird because my eyebrows were going all up weird. I think I might still edit it and upload it though. It was mostly a tester video to see if I could do it.

I can edit/upload if you are interested in watching it. Let me know! Would you guys want to see it?

Relating back to the “stash” question on the 30 day challenge, this is the first video I saw that made me realize that people collect Lush products and store them in special ways and are particular about it. I’d seen Lush hauls before, but nothing like this. I remember talking to Tim while I was watching it, and just being so in awe of how these Lushies knew so much about different products and had so many of them.

It’s weird — I never expected to become as into Lush as I am. It’s become somewhat of a hobby for me, which sounds strange, but it’s true! There are MOST DEFINITELY a TON of Lushies that are a lot more knowledgeable and have been into Lush for a lot longer — I’m not a professional by any means whatsoever. It’s just fun, and I enjoy learning about the campaigns and the ingredient sourcing. :)